The Finnish geoportal Paikkatietoikkuna has been renewed. You can proceed to the map service by clicking the link in the yellow box, or trough the following link Other contents, such as INSPIRE guidance, can now be found on the website of National Land Survey of Finland. You can also access these pages through the links in the blue box. Unfortunately, the new pages are currently available only in Finnish but the English pages will be published soon.

All existing user accounts have been moved to Omatili service provided by the National Land Survey of Finland. In the future, you can use the same account also in other web services. If you are entering the new service for the first time, please go through the following steps:

1) Order a new password here - you will receive instructions by e-mail.
2) After receiving the new password, you will be forwared to the front page of Omatili service. You can log in to Paikkatietoikkuna by going to the following page:

If you encounter problems on this site, please contact our customer service: